First-Time Bowlers

Come Out and Try Lawn Bowling!

  • The Vernon Lawn Bowling Club encourages individuals of all ages and ability to come out and try the sport! All you need to begin is a flat-soled pair of shoes in order to protect our greens.
  • First time bowlers are encouraged to phone the Vernon Lawn Bowling Club (1.250-549-4100) to let us know that you're interested in giving lawn bowling a try!

  • A member of the Executive will then set you up to start learning, playing and enjoying the sport! Just give us a call, and you'll have the opportunity to come down to the club and try lawn bowling in a fun, pressure-free environment. We know you'll have a great time!
  • You will receive three "free" lessons and your first, second, and third time bowling and the use of rental bowls will be complimentary.  
  • Locals who are interested in continuing lawn bowling after this are encouraged to become a member of the Vernon Lawn Bowling Club at a cost of $150.00 for an Adult Membership. Your previous Guest Fees will be applied towards your Membership Fee. For more detailed  information see the Membership and Fees page.
  • Rental bowls are available for $20.00 per year. For more rental information, click here. 
  • Various clinics and lessons take place throughout the year. In addition, there are tournaments in the area that are available for all level of bowlers. You may find out about these events by reading about them on this site, seeing them on the bulletin board in the Clubhouse or by simply asking people around the Vernon Lawn Bowling Club!
We hope to see you out on the greens very soon! 
Come out and try lawn bowling! 
Once you have begun, you will ask yourself...
"What was I waiting for?" 


  1. Bowlers should be able to deliver the jack reasonably consistently, the complete length of the green and within bounds.
  • Bowlers should be able to deliver bowls reasonably consistently, within bounds, the complete length of the green  and within 4 meters of the jack.

  • Lead players should be capable of raking up the bowls at the completion of each end.

  • Club triples games take 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete and bowlers should not be expected to delay a game longer than time limit.

  • All are welcome to pay our drop-in fee and use our equipment and facilities in order to practice achieving these minimum standards.