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Ken Adamoski Memorial

The "Mixed Triples Competitive League" 
was renamed the 
"Ken Adamoski Memorial" 
in 2012 to honor our long time member, 
greens keeper and all-round good fellow, 
Ken Adamoski
This is a Mixed Triples competition which 
takes place Thursday mornings at 9:30 am.  
All members are welcome to register their team together and 
 join the fun. There is nothing 
like a little competition to improve your game! 
Spectators are welcome. 
Good luck to all the teams and have fun.
For further details, 
please contact our Tournament - Event Director, Dave Horsham.

2017 Results

The Anderson Team, comprised of Frank Anderson (Skip), Betty Hubbard (Vice) and Diana Tonner (Lead), along with spare Bill Aldag, went undefeated in this seasons mixed triples competition to win the Ken Adamoski Memorial trophy. 
Congratulations on a successful season.