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2017 Funtastic Results

posted Jul 27, 2017, 8:07 AM by Frank Anderson

The Vernon Lawn Bowling Club’s 
19th Annual, “Funtastic” Mixed Triples 
Lawn Bowling Tournament Results
June 30th, July 1st & 2nd, 2017

Division A Winner ($300.00) - Team Jensen, Riverside LBC
Ev Jensen (Skip), Brenda & Don Clark
Runner Up ($165.00) - Team Burns, Vernon LBC
Jim Burns (Skip), Jane & John Clarke 

Division B Winner ($240.00) - Team Anderson, Vernon LBC
Frank Anderson (Skip), Lise Trottier & Bryan Lambert
Runner Up ($120.00) - Team Gibson, Vernon LBC
Eric Gibson (Skip), Joyce Phillips & Dianna Tonner

Division C Winner ($195.00) -  Team Perkin, McArthur Park LBC
Ross Perkin (Skip), Heather & Doug Pocket
Runner Up ($105.00) - Team Bosse, McArthur Park LBC
Rheall Bosse (Skip) Pam Jones & Ron McColl

Division D Winner ($150.00) - Team Tennant, Riverside LBC
Bud Tennant (Skip) Alice Tennant & Bob Gamble
Runner Up ($75.00) - Team Moritz, Kelowna LBC
Laurie Moritz (Skip), Maria & Tom Fugedi

Division E Winner ( $90.00) - Team McKay, Vernon LBC
John McKay (Skip), Adrienne Hamilton/Terry Lymer & Bill Aldag
Runner Up ($60.00) - Team Loo, Vernon LBC
Danny Loo (Skip), Linda Kline & Harry Bowker

Congratulations to all the bowlers.
It was truly another “Fun-tastic” event! 

Funtastic 2016 - Results

posted Jun 30, 2015, 10:38 PM by Dawn Perkins   [ updated Jul 5, 2016, 5:23 PM by Frank Anderson ]

Congratulations to all the participants in this year's 
"FUNtasic" Mixed Triples Lawn Bowling Tournament 
held over the Canada Day long weekend, July 1st - 3rd, 2016. 
The weather and green conditions were wonderful throughout the course of play. 
The competition can be quite keen, 
but the emphasis is for everyone to enjoy themselves, 
meet new friends and have "FUN"!

The results of the tournament are as follows;

Division A Winner ($210.00) - Team Pearson, Penticton LBC
Diane Pearson (Skip), Dorothy Sutherland & Byron Nate
Runner Up ($105.00) - Team A. Bell, McArthur Park LBC
Alex Bell (Skip), Barb & Al Ward 

Division B Winner ($165.00) - Team Burns, Vernon LBC
Jim Burns (Skip), Jane and John Clarke
Runner Up ($90.00) - Team McKay, Vernon LBC
John McKay (Skip), Dawn Perkins & Bill Aldag

Division C Winner ($135.00) -  Team Tennant, Riverside LBC
Bud Tennant (Skip), Alice Tennant & Bob Gamble 
Runner Up ($75.00) - Team Ball, Vernon LBC
Moe Ball (Skip), Linda & Dave Horsham

Division D Winner ($120.00) - Team Bettles, Salmom Arm LBC
Vern Brodler (Skip), Alice Brodler & Helen Bettles
Runner Up ($60.00) - Team Heuman, Vernon LBC
Ron Heuman (Skip), Heather Specken & Rob Irwin

Our thanks goes out to all who participated and/or supported this event, 
in addition to all the local businesses 
who donated to our daily Prize Table. 
The "sUccess" of this event would not be without "U"! 

Kudos go out as well to Jeremy Woo for designing and implementing
 the Draw Schedule and Scoring Program
It is a great time saver and wonderful asset in the running of this event.

FUNtastic 2014 Results

posted Jul 15, 2014, 4:00 PM by Dawn Perkins

Twenty teams competed for a total of $1200 of prize money in the 16th annual FUNtastic Mixed Triples tournament. Beginning Saturday June 28, at 9:00 AM the teams from various clubs up and down the Okanagan valley battle through their first three games to establish their rankings.  Then the competitive spirits ramped up. The eventual results were:  A division winners were Team Perkins of Vernon with Team Sterling of Kelowna taking second. B division finalists were Team Tennant of Kamloops with Team Clarke of Vernon in second place.  Division C was taken by Team Bosse of Kamloops and Team Nested of Penticton.  D division was lead by Team McKay of Vernon with Team Clary of Kamloops as runners-up. Team Brown of Kamloops took first place honours in Division E with Team Trotter capturing second prize.
There was fun to be had not only by the players but also those who worked in the background and those who came to watch & cheer.  The event was well supported.  Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to making this a successful event. Special thanks to those who traveled to be here again this year.  See the Photo Gallery.

Rain, Shine, Blazing Heat - Funtastic 2013

posted Jul 2, 2013, 11:06 PM by Jeremy Woo   [ updated Jul 4, 2013, 9:40 PM ]

The Vernon Lawn Bowling Club was host to their 15th Annual, Funtastic, Mixed Triples Lawn Bowling Tournament . Twenty teams entered the event, which was held over the Canada Day long weekend.


Round Robin play began Saturday, where by mid-day Sunday the teams were ranked for continued play in their respective Divisions.

The Division Finals were played Monday afternoon under hot and sunny skies. Thank goodness for the supply of water!


Congratulations are extended to the Division Winners and Runners - Up, as noted:


Division A Winner - Team Stirling (Kelowna LBC)

Alan Stirling (Skip), Megan Mcgowan and Jackson Stirling

Runner-Up - Team Moritz - (Kelowna LBC)

Connor Mcgowan (Skip), Laurie Moritz and Joanne West (Kelowna LBC)

 Division B Winner - Team Tennant (Kamloops - Riverside LBC))

Bud Tennant (Skip), Alice Tennant and Bob Gamble


Runner-Up - Team Bosnjak (Penticton LBC)

Mladan Bosnjan (Skip), Gary Marling and Bev Marling


Division C Winner - Team Bryant (Kelowna LBC)

Marilyn Bryant (Skip), Jean Harrod and Drew Bryant

Runner Up - Team Clarke (Vernon LBC)

John Clarke (Skip), Jean Clarke and Don Wiggans


Division D Winner - Team Ostheimer (Vernon LBC)

Walter Ostheimer (Skip), John Taylor and Doris Adamoski

Runner Up - Team Adams (Kelowna LBC)

Dolores Adams (Skip), Martin Kroll, Al Hanet and Val Hanet



Division E Winner - Team Phillips (Vernon LBC)

Joyce Phillips (Skip), Diana Tonner and Eric Gibson

Runner Up - Team Woo (Vernon LBC)

Danny Loo (Skip), Jeremy Woo and Jennifer Woo

posted May 28, 2012, 10:43 AM by Jeremy Woo   [ updated Jul 18, 2012, 10:09 PM by Frank Anderson ]

13th Annual Mixed Triples a "Funtastic" Success

posted Jul 11, 2011, 9:39 PM by Jeremy Woo   [ updated May 14, 2012, 1:43 AM ]

By Frank Anderson, Director, Vernon LBC
Under sunny Okanagan skies, the Vernon Lawn Bowling Club hosted it’s 13th Annual, Funtastic - Mixed Triples Lawn Bowling Tournament over the Canada Day long weekend, July 1st - 3rd, 2011.

Twenty teams registered for the event, two of which came from Vancouver Island (the Nanaimo LBC & the Parksville LBC). The balance of the field was made up of teams from throughout the Interior lawn bowling clubs.

The participants and guests were encouraged to wear colors over the weekend, noting RED was the preferred color of choice on July 1st. What a lovely sight it was, enhanced by the singing of our National Anthem, “Oh Canada” prior to the start of play on Friday, as led by Mrs. Bea Monk.

The Club hosted a Hospitality Nite on Friday evening, along with a Pizza Nite on  Saturday evening for those wishing to attend. This is a time to let loose and get to know your fellow bowlers on a more sociable basis.

As was to be expected, the competition was keen, noting all teams involved played 2 - 12 end games, each day of the competition through to the Finals, which were played on Sunday afternoon.

That being said though, the emphasis of this tournament is to “Have Fun” - and that we did!

Thanks goes out to all of our sponsors and of course the many volunteers who tirelessly work behind the scenes to ensure the success of this annual event. It truly has become one of the most prestigious tournaments to attend in the Interior during the lawn bowling season.

The Executive and Members of the Vernon LBC look forward to hosting next year’s tournament, and we look forward to your coming at that time.

Please be sure to check our club’s website www.vernonlawnbowlingclub.com for  further details.

Congratulations to the Winners and Runner’s Up of the tournament, noting all of the participants’  Entry Fee goes back into the Prize Money awarded the successful teams in each of the flights, as listed below;

 "A" Event Winner - Laurie Moritz (Skip), Joanne West

&  Martin Kroll of the Kelowna LBC

Runner's Up - Bud Tennant (Skip), Alice Tennant

& Bob Gamble of the Kamloops Riverside LBC

"B" Event Winner - Alan Stirling (Skip), Wayne O’Connell

& Donna O’Connell  of the Kelowna LBC

Runner's Up- Ken Adamoski (Skip), Rich Prys-Jones

& Doris Adamoski of the Vernon LBC

"C" Event Winner - Diane Pearson(Skip), Lynn Murray

& Walter Pearson of the Penticton LBC

Runner's Up - Connor McGowan (Skip), Byron Nate

& Marlene Nate of the Kelowna LBC

"D" Event Winner - Dave Muir (Skip), Kate Wilson

& Pat Goodwin of the Parksville LBC

Runner's Up - Mike Bosnjak (Skip), Anita McCaw

& Pat Howard of the Penticton LBC

"E" Event Winner - Ross Perkins (Skip), Laurel Hunt

& Bruce Clary of the Kamloops Riverside LBC

Runner's Up - Dorothy Setter (Skip), Jack Andersen & Millie Andersen of the Vernon LBC

Funtastic Lawn Bowling a Success says Organizer

posted Jul 5, 2010, 10:07 PM by Jeremy Woo

Written by Frank Anderson, Past President, Vernon LBC
VERNON, BC-- This past Canada Day long weekend, the Vernon Lawn Bowling Club was host to its 12th Annual, "Funtastic" Mixed Triples Lawn Bowling Tournament.
Twenty four (24) teams registered for the event, where the proceeds from the Entry Fee was turned back into Prize Money for the Event Winners and Runner's Up.
Although the Interior Clubs were well represented, teams came from as far as the Nanaimo LBC and Christina Lake LBC in order to compete in the event.
There were a number of new bowlers to this event, both Experienced and/or Novices - Colts, who enjoyed the play.
The Round Robin Schedule was prepared by our Tournament Draw Master, Fred Monk.
Following the four Draws played on Friday and the morning Draws on Saturday, the six Flights began to take shape. 
The Semi Finals and Finals began on Saturday afternoon and were completed on Sunday.
Although the temperature was not as sunny and hot as in past years, in fact at times under heavy cloud or rain on occasion, the enthusiasm and spirit of the competitors was not dampened at all.
When not in play, the competitors and guests were host to a Hospitality Reception on Friday evening and a Pizza Party on Saturday evening.
Good times along with excellent food, refreshments and chatter were enjoyed by all throughout the course of the weekend. 
The "off -green" activities also included a Daily Prize Table where a plethora of prizes donated by the local business community and members were handed out to the lucky ticket holders.
Special thanks to Bea Monk for her promotions of these draws.
While passing out thanks, we would be remiss if we did not extend kudos to Ken Adamoski and Brian McHugh for their dedication in preparing the greens.
Thanks also should be extended to Joyce Phillips - Tournament Treasurer; Diana Tonner, Linda Yule and Bob Wright - Tournament Directors; Gary Monk - Club Photographer and of course Co- Committee Chairs - Jack Andersen and his sidekick, Frank Anderson.
The Club Members who volunteered their time in a variety of capacities should also be thanked in addition to the Competitors, Guests and Spectators who traveled from near and far to support and/or participate in this tournament. 
We look forward to hosting this tournament next year, so be sure to check out the Bowls BC (www.bowlsbc.ca), Funtastic (www.funtastic.org) and/or the Vernon Lawn Bowling Club (www.vernonlawnbowlingclub.com) websites for further details as they become available.
Here are the results of the tournament:

The Vernon Lawn Bowling Club’s - 12th Annual, “Funtastic”

Mixed Triples Lawn Bowling Tournament - Results

"A" Event Winner

- Jimmy Muller (Skip), Aileen Foan and Peter McLachlan, of the Nanaimo LBC

Runner's Up

- Jack Byron (Skip), Marg Dionne and Alice Dunkley of the Penticton LBC

"B" Event Winner

- Don Whitnack (Skip), Jane Clarke and John Clarke of the Vernon LBC

Runner's Up

- Ken Adamoski (Skip), Diana Tonner and Doris Adamoski of the Vernon LBC

"C" Event Winner

- Mike Bosnjak (Skip), Zeke Pescada and Lucille Leensbak of the Penticton LBC

Runner's Up

- Frank Horan (Skip), Joanne West and Terry Horan of the Kelowna LBC

"D" Event Winner

- Danny Loo (Skip), Eileen Crawford and Jeremy Woo of the Vernon LBC

Runner's Up

- Harold Berg (Skip), Kaye Hughes and Bob Hughes of the Vernon LBC

"E" Event Winner

- Phil Spencer (Skip), Val McDougall and Joe Sasaki of the Vernon LBC

Runner's Up

- Mike Smith (Skip), Walter Ostheimer, Janet Smith & Joan Reardon of the Kelowna - Vernon LBC’s

“F” Event Winner

- Bob Wright (Skip), Linda Yule and Rene Howard of the Vernon LBC

Runner’s Up

- Jenny Comazzetto (Skip), Anne Peterson and Helene Hloaff of the Kamloops - Kelowna LBC’s

Congratulations to the Event Winners, Runners Up and balance of competitors for making this a memorable and "FUN-tastic", emphasis on "FUN". tournament!


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