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2011 Funtastic Mixed Triples




Funtastic a Success!


Under sunny Okanagan skies, the Vernon Lawn Bowling Club hosted it’s 13th Annual, Funtastic - Mixed Triples Lawn Bowling Tournament over the Canada Day long weekend, July 1st - 3rd, 2011.

Twenty teams registered for the event, two of which came from Vancouver Island (the Nanaimo LBC & the Parksville LBC). The balance of the field was made up of teams from throughout the Interior lawn bowling clubs.

The participants and guests were encouraged to wear colors over the weekend, noting RED was the preferred color of choice on July 1st. What a lovely sight it was, enhanced by the singing of our National Anthem, “Oh Canada” prior to the start of play on Friday, as led by Mrs. Bea Monk.

The Club hosted a Hospitality Nite on Friday evening, along with a Pizza Nite on  Saturday evening for those wishing to attend. This is a time to let loose and get to know your fellow bowlers on a more sociable basis.

As was to be expected, the competition was keen, noting all teams involved played 2 - 12 end games, each day of the competition through to the Finals, which were played on Sunday afternoon.

That being said though, the emphasis of this tournament is to “Have Fun” - and that we did!

Thanks goes out to all of our sponsors and of course the many volunteers who tirelessly work behind the scenes to ensure the success of this annual event. It truly has become one of the most prestigious tournaments to attend in the Interior during the lawn bowling season.

The Executive and Members of the Vernon LBC look forward to hosting next year’s tournament, and we look forward to your coming at that time.

Please be sure to check our club’s website www.vernonlawnbowlingclub.com for  further details.

Congratulations to the Winners and Runner’s Up of the tournament, noting all of the participants’  Entry Fee goes back into the Prize Money awarded the successful teams in each of the flights, as listed below;

 "A" Event Winner - Laurie Moritz (Skip), Joanne West

&  Martin Kroll of the Kelowna LBC

Runner's Up - Bud Tennant (Skip), Alice Tennant

& Bob Gamble of the Kamloops Riverside LBC

"B" Event Winner - Alan Stirling (Skip), Wayne O’Connell

& Donna O’Connell  of the Kelowna LBC

Runner's Up- Ken Adamoski (Skip), Rich Prys-Jones

& Doris Adamoski of the Vernon LBC

"C" Event Winner - Diane Pearson(Skip), Lynn Murray

& Walter Pearson of the Penticton LBC

Runner's Up - Connor McGowan (Skip), Byron Nate

& Marlene Nate of the Kelowna LBC

"D" Event Winner - Dave Muir (Skip), Kate Wilson

& Pat Goodwin of the Parksville LBC

Runner's Up - Mike Bosnjak (Skip), Anita McCaw

& Pat Howard of the Penticton LBC

"E" Event Winner - Ross Perkins (Skip), Laurel Hunt

& Bruce Clary of the Kamloops Riverside LBC

Runner's Up - Dorothy Setter (Skip), Jack Andersen

& Millie Andersen of the Vernon LBC

Get ready for the...
13th Annual Funtastic Mixed Triples Lawn Bowling Tournament
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, July 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2011 in Vernon, BC
The Vernon Lawn Bowling Club is proud to host the annual Funtastic Mixed Triples Lawn Bowling competition! 2011's Funtastic competition will be the thirteenth annual tournament, bringing people to Vernon from all over the Pacific Northwest for three days of good bowling and good fun! It is held in conjunction with the Funtastic Summer Festival of Vernon, BC. The emphasis of this sunny tournament is on having a great time, and participants of all abilities are encouraged to sign up! Please scroll down on this page for more information on playing at Funtastic.
Our super volunteers make our event a true success, with lots of prizes to be won.
We hope to see you in July at the Funtastic Mixed Triples!
Funtastic 2011 Tournament Details

1)     For any bowlers wanting to practise, the Club’s greens will be available the afternoon and evening of Thursday, June 30th.

2)     The Tournament format will be a “Preset Draw” and Skips will be advised of their start time prior to the Tournament.

3)     All teams will play two, 12-end, games each day of the event. The morning game will start at either 9:00 AM or 11:00 AM and the afternoon game will start at either 1:00 PM or 3:00 PM.

4)     The Tournament will begin “Promptly” on Friday, July 1st at 9:00 AM.

5)     Team players please ensure to be on site 30 minutes before game play.

6)     If your team is short a player, your Skip is to inform the Draw Master as soon as possible so that a substitute player may be entered.

7)     The decision of the Draw Master is final as no Umpire will be present.

8)     Prizes will be awarded to the top 2 teams in each event. The result of the first 3 games will determine which event your team will compete in and the last 3 games will determine your team’s ranking.

9)     The Prizes will be awarded following the final game(s) on Sunday, July 3rd.

10)  Although whites are not mandatory, please wear flat-soled bowling shoes.

11)  It is suggested to bring along sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat.  

12)  There will be a Host Club “Welcoming” following the final game(s) on Friday, July 1st.

13)  In addition, there will be a “Pizza Party” following the final game(s) on Saturday, July 2nd. There will be a modest charge for the pizza and refreshments.  

14)  Over the course of the weekend, coffee, tea and fruit and goodies will be available “at a nominal charge”. You may wish to consider bringing your own lunch and/or eat offsite, as a daily lunch will not be provided.

Sign Up for Funtastic!

Entry Fee - $60.00/Team Entry DeadlineJune 18th, 2011

Cheques and/or Money Orders payable to the

   “Vernon Lawn Bowling Club – Funtastic”


(Click here for an entry form.)


Send your Team’s fully completed Entry Form with payment to the

Vernon Lawn Bowling Club

P.O. Box 254

Vernon, B.C.

 V1T 6M2

Attention: Mrs. Joyce Phillips, Tournament Secretary - Treasurer


Contact Information
For more information, feel free to contact our Funtastic Lawn Bowling committee members, or e-mail vernonlbc@gmail.com


Tournament Directors


Frank Anderson (250) 549-2806

E-mail: frande@shaw.ca


Diana Tonner (250) 503-0842

E-mail: dtonner@gmx.net


Joyce Phillips (250) 503-5524

E-mail: jnjphillips@shaw.ca


VLBC Club Phone (250) 542-0212






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